Daily One On One Time

When I first opened Love 2 Learn we started in a small room in my home. I had six adorable students coming from very different backgrounds! Some of them already knew all the letters and sounds, and some didn’t even know how to sing the alphabet song. Because of the small class size, I was able to adapt my activities to challenge some of my students while simplifying the same activity for the ones who weren’t ready for the full challenge yet. This definitely helped my students learn, but I also realized that I needed one on one time as well.

I needed daily one on one time so I could better get to know my students, their learning styles, and see where they were academically so I could make sure my activities were on point. They needed one on one time so they could bond with me and work at a level that was appropriate to them and be pushed according to their own pace. One on one time was so helpful to me and my students I decided it was a must for our daily schedule from then on.

Now we train all our teachers to do one on one time daily with each student. We have four levels of tasks for each student to work on during one on one time. Some children will fly through the tasks and others will work on one or two for months. The goal is to make sure there is progress happening, no matter how fast or slow. Our other goal for daily one on one time is for  teachers to see how they can better teach and adapt their lesson plans to meet their students’ needs. Daily one on one time is an invaluable part of our daily activities!

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