For our literacy classes we work to cater our curriculum to your child’s needs. We start with the basics and build up to reading and writing in a fun, hands on way. If we feel we are moving too fast or too slow, we will adjust the curriculum accordingly. Our goal is to help your child advance in literacy at their own pace.

Yellows (2-3) Literacy: In this class we will go through each letter of the alphabet slowly as we do fun activities and crafts for each one to familiarize your child with letter learning and sounds. We will also help them start to learn about basic concepts of print: turning pages, pointing to words, and beginning to understand speech and simple stories.

Blues (3-4) Literacy: Our blues will be going through each letter of the alphabet at a quicker pace and will work to learn all the letter sounds and names by the end of the year. ¬†We will also start beginning writing in this class as they learn to draw circle, slants, lines, and more. We’ll be learning about story comprehension and start to create our own stories. Near the end of the year, if the children are ready, we will start hearing first sounds in words, name writing, and hearing individual sounds in words.

Greens (4-5) Literacy: We will start the year off in this class with a review of all the sounds and letters and then move on to segmenting, or hearing sounds in words and putting them together. We’ll work on rhyming and word families, sight words, and other beginning reading skills. We’ll also continue writing practice and learn basic sentence structure and writing skills. For our more advanced greens, we’ll be moving on to parts of speech, magic e, and writing simple informational and opinion pieces.