Each class includes time for math. For each age group we cover age appropriate topics in a hands on way that engages your child!


Yellows (2-3) Math: Math for our yellows class includes beginning number recognition, beginning counting, and other basic math skills like shapes, colors, basic sorting and measuring, as well as spatial awareness concepts.

Blues (3-4) Math: In our blues class we will focus on cementing recognition and counting to 20 as well as learning one to one correlation, more and less, simple patterns, measurement, and other skills needed to prepare them for the next class.

Greens (4-5) Math: We will cover higher counting and number recognition in our greens classes as well as gathering data, more complex patterns, ordinal numbers, U.S. money, writing numbers, and basic addition and subjection. For our more advanced greens we will also cover skip counting, greater than and less than, and adding larger numbers.