Each class will have time for science and social studies to help your child learn about the world, its people, and the way things work.

Yellows (2-3) Science and Social Studies:  For our yellows we will be learning about animals, dinosaurs, the four seasons, being kind, sharing, plants and community helpers. We will take four field trips throughout the year that go along with these themes to help take learning outside the class!

Blues (3-4) Science and Social Studies: We’ll be going over animal classes, the human body, the seven continents, weather, serving in our community and living and non living objects. We will take four field trips for this class as well including one service project.

Greens (4-5) Science and Social studies: Our greens will learn about experimenting and hypothesizing, maps, globes, directions, learning our address, magnets, weather, the five senses and how our world works together. We will also be doing a service project and several field trips to apply our learning.