Measured Growth

During our one on one time daily we work on different tasks and we work on reaching different milestones. The tasks and milestones we work on are pulled mostly from the Utah Education Network standards for early childhood education.

One important thing to remember with the tasks: we are in no way going to try to force your child to complete a certain number of tasks. The tasks are meant as helpers. The tasks help us see progress as well as where to go with our lesson plans. The tasks help us see if we need to review more or if we need to move on. The tasks can help you see what your child is doing in school and help you decide what you want to reinforce at home.

It is critical to remember every child is different and will progress at his or her own pace. Some will complete all the tasks quickly, while others will move more slowly. We just want to help you and your child see progress no matter how fast or slow!

Because we want you to see their progress and know what is going on, we will send out assessments of the tasks completed and a daily journal of what we’ve been working on during one on one time. We will do this each quarter. This way you’ll be able to see your child’s growth throughout the school year and know how to help from home!


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