Small Class Sizes

One of the key factors to a child falling in love with learning is how well the teacher can cater to the needs of the child. With classes of eight or less children, we are able to really get to know and understand each of your children and we’re able to tweak the curriculum to better help the class progress.

Before I started Love 2 Learn, I worked in a kindergarten with two teachers and 24 students. As for legal ratios, it was completely okay and normal to have ratios like that. Many kindergarten classes only have one teacher per 24 students so we were lucky! However, as I worked with these precious little ones I begin to realize no matter how many extra hours we put in it was extremely difficult to meet the needs of such a diverse and large group of children.  While I was working there, I decided to open my own school and one of my goals was to keep the class sizes small for better learning opportunities.

With our small class sizes we get to know your children’s learning styles quickly so that we can change our plans if needed. We also able to spend daily one on one time with your child to help them work on and pass off different tasks. Small class sizes also allow for an easier transition from home to school and the children are able to get comfortable with other children without being overwhelmed.

We know you and your child will appreciate our small class sizes! The one downside to small class sizes is that our classes fill up fast. Be sure to reserve your spot today before it is too late!

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