Stay Connected

Our goal as teachers is to help you as a parent feel very much included in your child’s classroom. We believe strongly that parents are the first educators and that is why we want to always let you know what is going on!

We stay connected with you by sending you weekly lesson summaries to your email inbox so you can know exactly what we are covering in class. Too often moms and dads ask “What did you do today in school” and the answer is “Played!!” Our curriculum is hands-on and fun so it will generally always feel like play! The lesson summaries sent to you will help you know more specifically what we are doing so you can talk to your child in more detail about what is going on and even supplement at home.

We also send you pictures each week of your child doing the fun activities we do at school. This is one of our parents’ favorite perks! We think your kids are adorable and we know you do too, so of course you want to see their cuteness at school! We use a private program called brightwheel that is made just for schools. It’s designed so your pictures are available to you through an app for your phone.

We will also keep you updated through monthly newsletters that help you know what to expect each month, when field trips, class parties, and programs are, and any other special dates. We want you to always be informed about your child’s learning experiences!


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