Each day during creative play, we set aside time for each child to work one on one with his or her teacher. Our goal during that time is to help your child progress as well as to assess your child so that we can better cater our curriculum to his or her needs. During this time we will work on and pass off tasks in three different skill levels. Some children will pass off many tasks quickly, others will work on one for a long time. The key is progress and we seek to work with your child at his or her own pace. We also make sure that the activities we do during teacher time are fun for your child so that he or she enjoys one on one time.

As part of this service we will send assessments home to you four times out of the year so you will be able to see what we’ve been working on during teacher time and what your child has passed off and where you may want to focus at home. You are also always welcome to email your child’s teacher for a personal, individual update or schedule a conference.